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Announcing the Goddess Revolution Tour!

I am **SO EXCITED** to announce the schedule for my upcoming 6-month North American tour!  More details coming soon (and subject to change), but here’s where I’ll be and when you can find me there.

Heaps and heaps of gratitude go to EVERYONE who has helped me plan this massive undertaking, especially my dear song-sister, S.J. Tucker.  We’ll be touring together for a month, folks.  Hang on to your hearts!

Illustration of me as the Morrigan by the wonderful Herb Leonhard

June 7th – November 26th

Leslie-Morrigan_Herb-Leonhard Including performances with S.J. Tucker, Betsy Tinney, Tricky Pixie, The PDX Broadsides, Bill & Brenda Sutton, Mary Crowell, Alex BledsoeTreading Bleu, The Honey Badgers, Random Fractions, Blibbering Humdingers, Jen Midkiff, Amy McNally, Sunnie Larsen, Rand BellaviaJessica Graae, Lori Citro and more special guests TBA along the way

JUN 05-09 – Indianapolis IN
JUN 10/11 – Chicago IL
JUN 12-16 – Madison WI
JUN 17/18 – Minneapolis MN
JUN 19-25 – Winnipeg MB
JUN 26/27 – Thunder Bay ON
JUN 30 – Buffalo NY

JUL 01/02 – Cary NC
JUL 03 – Athens GA
JUL 04-10 – Athens AL
JUL 11/12 – Perry AR
JUL 13 – Lawton OK
JUL 14-16 – Albuquerque NM
JUL 18-21 – Colorado Springs CO
JUL 22/23 – Denver CO
JUL 25 – Laramie WY
JUL 26 – Sunset UT
JUL 29 – Missoula MT

JUL 31-AUG 11 – Redmond WA
AUG 12 – Kenmore WA
AUG 13 – Silverdale WA
AUG 15–17 Portland OR
AUG 19 – Salem OR
AUG 20 – Lyons OR
AUG 21-24 – TBA CA
AUG 25/26 – Oakland/San Francisco CA
AUG 30 – Tucson AZ

SEP 01-21 – Austin TX
SEP 22-24 – Dallas TX *FenCon
SEP 29-OCT 01 – St Louis MO *Archon

OCT 06 – Columbus OH
OCT 07 – Cleveland OH
OCT 09-13 – Philadelphia PA
OCT 14/15 – Newark DE
OCT 16-19 – Philadelphia PA
OCT 20-22 – Columbus OH *OVFF
OCT 23/24 – Pittsburgh PA
OCT 26/27 – DC
OCT 28/29 – Jersey City NJ
OCT 30-NOV 01 – Andover NJ

NOV 03-05 – Noblesville IN
NOV 06-09 – Madison WI
NOV 10-12 – Chicago IL *WindyCon
NOV 17-19 – Kalamazoo/Ann Arbor MI
NOV 20-23 – Indianapolis IN
NOV 24-26 – Normal IL *Chambanacon

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6 Responses to Announcing the Goddess Revolution Tour!

  1. Capt says:

    Enjoy your tour. Sooj spoke of it in her online concert tonight. If you find yourself near Soojs’ home, you will be most welcome.

    • Leslie says:

      Hi Capt!

      Thank you for the offer and thanks so much for stopping by. I hope we meet along the way somewhere. I’m very excited to be sharing the road with Sooj this summer. We’re going adventuring!

  2. Lisa Deutsch Harrigan says:

    Figures, I’ll be up in Oregon on Aug 21 for the Solar Eclipse. We’ll be back in San Jose Aug 23. Hopefully, I’ll make it to something here in the Bay Area.

    • Leslie says:

      Hi Lisa!

      I will definitely be in the Bay area when you get back. I’m there for the week of Aug 20th before I head to Tucson. Hope to see you there!

  3. Chris Wozney says:

    Looking forward to seeing/hearing you in Tucson. Now I have to go find out who some of those Redheads are, ’cause I only recognize 6 of them. Will any others get their own songs in the future? (Barbara Gordon…)

    • Leslie says:

      Hi Chris!

      There’s a song called Secrets Liars & Spies on The Redhead League that mentions Batgirl, Batwoman, Crystal and Starfire (and refers to Jessica Rabbit – my song for her isn’t on this album). I have a thing for 9s, and I wanted to represent as many different universes as I could in 9 characters. Poison Ivy is my girl from the Bat-universe so she got the nod. There has been quite a bit of interest in a Redhead League 2 however, so I’m not ruling it out.

      The 9 are: Red Sonja (Conan the Barbarian), Medusa (the Inhumans), Teela (He-Man & the Masters of the Universe), Jean Grey (X-Men), Mary Jane Watson (Spider-Man), Scarlett (G.I. Joe) Poison Ivy (Batman), April O’Neil (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), Natasha aka Black Widow (the Avengers).

      See you in Tucson!

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