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I’m packing up.  Back out on the road again at the end of the week, and this time I’ll be gone for four months.

The first time I did this I left for six months.  It felt like I was leaving my life behind and it took me forever to pack what I thought I might need for my Goddess Revolution Tour.  I’d never done it before.  I guessed pretty well.

Now here I am with 3 tours under my belt and planning out the rest of 2019.  I don’t feel fear or panic or uncertainty anymore.  It doesn’t take me a week to pack.  No, now it feels normal.  Driving from city to city, through state after state, just me and my car is my new normal.  On the road I feel at home.

Driving out west toward the Pacific Northwest, I’m not touring this time.  I’m travelling.  No shows on the way.  No major attractions planned.  Below the radar, spending as little as possible, taking my time, recharging.

I do a lot of thinking while I drive.  Sometimes I listen to the radio or albums with my old Nano, but mostly I drive in silence.  It’s healing, silence.  It gives me somewhere to breathe and broach and break.  This trip out I’m going to record travelogs as I drive and share them.  Maybe not every day, we’ll see.  But 2019 is going to find a more mindful me and part of that process is taking time to be present in moments.  I’d like to give you a window into those.

Watch for updates as I go.  Tune in and listen to my rambles.  Send good thoughts for my safety and the health of my car as we keep each other company.  My route is 58 hours down south, to the coast, and north again, avoiding most of the snow I’m hoping.

A couple more days, Ontario.  Blankets and snowfalls and I’ll see you in the spring.

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