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Amanda Palmer is famous for her views on the Art of Asking.  That a performer must make herself vulnerable and approachable and touchable to truly engage with her audience and with the world.  Most of us suck at asking for things, even when we really need them.  Today I asked for help.

Musician friends of mine have launched GoFundMe campaigns to recoup the cost of replacing stolen gear while they were on the road.  Fortunately that didn’t happen to me.  My need for assistance is car-related.

It still amazes me that I am making ends meet doing this job.  You are the reason this is so.  But making ends meet means when a $2100 car repair bill lands at my feet and says PAY ME and my bank account affirms NO, CAN’T I have a choice: I can ask for help.

This morning I began a GoFundMe campaign called Keep Rua Running.  I had managed to raise $600 before starting it, but need another $1500 to do all the repairs.  Today 6 wonderful people have given me $345.  An auspicious beginning!  It makes the $1000 I handed over to the garage this afternoon less terrifying.

If you can contribute to the fund, please do.  I will breathe easier as I embark on my travels tomorrow knowing when I arrive on the west coast and need to get the other $1000 of work done, I’ll be able to and I’ll be safe.  If you feel so inclined, please help me spread the word by sharing the link – – on social media.  Every little bit helps and really adds up.


Tour postcards went out in the mail today, too, so if you purchased one they are coming your way.

Here’s the map showing my journey to Seattle, in case you’d like to look ahead and envision clear roads, and balmy weather for my trip.  I’ve got 2 new tires, a clean battery, new wiper blades, fresh oil, and a repaired exhaust system.  Halfway there!


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