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At the start of the month I launched my new blog AspieSpeak, from behind the eyes of an Aspie.

I’m writing unfiltered the thoughts I have on the things I think about to give you a glimpse inside my mind.  This will hopefully give you some insight into how my brain works, the way I think, and what’s important to me.  There are things I want you to know, things I want to share with you.  I’m giving you a chance to learn about Aspies (those of us with Asperger’s syndrome, on the autism spectrum) from someone who knows what it means to be one, rather than second-hand observation, medical supposition, the media, and the misinformation that often springs from them.

So welcome!  Enjoy your walk through my labyrinth.  I hope you learn something of value to you.

To read more about the reasons behind this blog visit AspieSpeak’s About section or visit us on on Facebook

Thanks for reading.

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