2/21 Epona's Wild Daughter

2/21 "Epona's Wild Daughter" (album: Into The Mirror) began with a card from the Faerie Oracle by Brian Froud & Jessica Macbeth. 

I'd been having nightmares for months. Formless terror that kept just out of reach of my understanding, causing insomnia and severe executive dysfunction. 

Becoming convinced something from my past was trying to break through, I consulted my parents, narrowed down the suspects to one, and sought out regression therapy. 

In those long weeks of cloudy, fearful confusion, Dorcha was with me, holding me fast, turning me to face the nightmares, and pushing me forward through them. For me, relief was only to be found on the other side of understanding. 

This song is my version of metal. That driving 123-123-12 rhythm, a bridge that climbs back into the final chorus the way I did all those years ago when I broke through the memory block. I can feel the storm building around me when I sing it. 

Performing this at my CD release party on my birthday in 2015 felt so good. I create music to heal and transform myself as a part of my therapy and mental health hygiene. For 33 years I have written myself out of the darkness, and 12 albums later I'm still doing it. 

Listen & lyrics here 

Without music and people to share it with - on stage, in the studio, on the albums, in the audience - I don't know who I'd be. When everything else gets murky and uncertain, my purpose never wavers; I am here to make music.


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