21/21 Grow Wild

21/21 "Grow Wild" (album: 12 Months a Year) came to me one morning during FAWM (February Album Writing Month) this past year. I woke up and these words were in my head 

"A hedge witch without a hedge 
Is like…

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20/21 Carving Knife

20/21 "Carving Knife" (album: The Wanderlings Volume Two) honours the role antagonists play in fairy tales, folklore and mythology. 

I grew up inundated with stories from universes where Good Battled Evil, as though there were ever 2 sides, as though…

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19/21 (I Gotta) Bow My Head

19/21 "(I Gotta) Bow My Head" (album: Keep Left at the Fork) is about that dawning realization that the reality you thought you'd so carefully curated for yourself is an illusion. 

I'm not sure if you've ever been a part…

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18/21 Silent Era

18/21 "Silent Era" (album: Reset to Factory Specs) began with a prompt. I had this image in my head of a woman screaming in a silent film, but no one could hear her. 

That's how I've felt in my skin…

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17/21 Even Standing Still

17/21 "Even Standing Still" (album: Reset to Factory Specs) sums up a lot of my feelings in 2020. When something beautiful is felt again, after a long period of feeling almost nothing, it's an epiphany. 

I was deep in the…

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16/21 Firebrand

16/21 "Firebrand" (album: Pianoless EP) is a demo I made with Kristian Borresen during FAWM last year. I found a drum loop I loved, let it play, and the song just wrote itself through me. 

I don't very often stand…

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15/21 Tantalized

15/21 "Tantalized" (album: The Wanderlings Volume One; the StorySinger set: Live in Germany) comes from a medieval Spanish folktale about a woman who became a snake by night. 

This was one of those songs that when I first started touring…

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14/21 She Followed Me Home

14/21 "She Followed Me Home" (album: Hemlock Honey and Crows) is the true story of a ghost who camped out in my basement. 

When I lived in Aldershot I was within walking distance of the area's oldest cemeteries. Aldershot and…

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13/21 Haunting the House

13/21 "Haunting the House" (album: Hemlock Honey and Crows) was inspired by an Irish folktale called "House of Dreams" from Jane Yolen's Favorite Folktales from around the World. 

Mrs Butler goes to sleep and imagines herself walking into a house…

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12/21 Wicked Sings

12/21 "Wicked Sings" (album: Hemlock Honey and Crows) is a song in the voice of Lilith as though she were the serpent in the Garden of Eden. 

I was raised by a fairly fundamentalist community. People who took hard lines…

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11/21 out with the old (in with the new)

11/21 "out with the old (in with the new)" (album: 12 Months a Year, coming Dec 2) was originally inspired by the story of La Befana, the Italian Christmas witch. 

La Befana was sweeping her threshold when a crowd of…

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