16/21 Firebrand

16/21 "Firebrand" (album: Pianoless EP) is a demo I made with Kristian Borresen during FAWM last year. I found a drum loop I loved, let it play, and the song just wrote itself through me. 

I don't very often stand…

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15/21 Tantalized

15/21 "Tantalized" (album: The Wanderlings Volume One; the StorySinger set: Live in Germany) comes from a medieval Spanish folktale about a woman who became a snake by night. 

This was one of those songs that when I first started touring…

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14/21 She Followed Me Home

14/21 "She Followed Me Home" (album: Hemlock Honey and Crows) is the true story of a ghost who camped out in my basement. 

When I lived in Aldershot I was within walking distance of the area's oldest cemeteries. Aldershot and…

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13/21 Haunting the House

13/21 "Haunting the House" (album: Hemlock Honey and Crows) was inspired by an Irish folktale called "House of Dreams" from Jane Yolen's Favorite Folktales from around the World. 

Mrs Butler goes to sleep and imagines herself walking into a house…

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12/21 Wicked Sings

12/21 "Wicked Sings" (album: Hemlock Honey and Crows) is a song in the voice of Lilith as though she were the serpent in the Garden of Eden. 

I was raised by a fairly fundamentalist community. People who took hard lines…

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11/21 out with the old (in with the new)

11/21 "out with the old (in with the new)" (album: 12 Months a Year, coming Dec 2) was originally inspired by the story of La Befana, the Italian Christmas witch. 

La Befana was sweeping her threshold when a crowd of…

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10/21 Falling Down

10/21 "Falling Down" (album: The Wanderlings Volume Two) comes from one act of the Thumbelina story by Hans Christian Andersen. The part she spends underground with the Field Mouse. 

Thumbelina was born from a flower which opened, revealing her tiny…

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9/21 Nibble Nibble

9/21 "Nibble Nibble" (album: The Wanderlings Volume Two) is the story of Hansel and Gretel from the witch's POV. Not a retelling to put her in a better light (although I love those too) just a story about a witch…

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8/21 The Waltz

CW suicidal ideation 

8/21 "The Waltz" (album: Reset to Factory Specs) is a dance that some of us know better than we wish we did, and certainly better than we generally admit to other people. 

A friend who gets this…

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7/21 Any Way the Wind Blows

7/21 "Any Way the Wind Blows" (album: Into The Mirror) is the final song on the album and it's one of my favourites. 

It's one of those metaphor within a metaphor kinds of songs, but I remember when I wrote…

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6/21 Oars in the Water

6/21 "Oars in the Water" (album: Into The Mirror) is the story of my maternal great grandparents as it was passed on to me via my mom, from her mom. 

The second I heard it, everything in me cried, FOUL…

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5/21 Reset

5/21 "Reset" (album: Reset to Factory Specs) began with one of the central themes of my life: death. 

Listen & lyrics here

When I was 13 mos old, my mother's only sibling died at the age of 20. My early…

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