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CBC Searchlight

This year Copy Red Leader entered CBC music’s Searchlight contest, along with many other fantastic musicians across Canada, including friends like Ron Baumber, Marc Pettigrew, Whiskey Epiphany, Peter Mathieson, Andy Griffiths, and Courtney Lynn.

Copy Red Leader was part of a campaign called #VoteGeek spearheaded by our fellow geek musicians and friends, Debs & Errol.  Its mission was to bring geek music into the public light, to draw CBC music’s attention to it, and to help strengthen the bonds between geek bands in the GTA.

This new cohort of musicians includes Kari Maaren, The Blast Processors, Press Start 2 Play, Nerds With Guitars, Debs & Errol, and Copy Red Leader.

Our presence is growing.  Because of some overwhelming support from the community, our friends and families, and other bands and musicians, both Copy Red Leader (in Hamilton) and Debs & Errol (in Toronto) made it through to the top 25 as semi-finalists!  Unbelievable!

Neither of us made it to the top 10, but we never expected to make it as far as we did.  Thank you IMMENSELY for the support we’ve received from everyone.  Your posts, shares, tweets, and votes made a huge impact!  Thanks for sharing the love.  Good luck to all the bands still in the running!




CBC Music – Searchlight Spotlight w/ Gunnarolla

Examiner – Toronto Geek Culture

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