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Coming soon…!

Hi folks!

After taking most of the summer off from performing I’ve had time to consider my future creative plans and oh, they are plentiful…

1.   My new album Yeoman on the Bridge covering all things Trek in 12 new songs (and 2 bonus tracks!) will be out early November.  We’re in the final recording & early mixing stages now and we’re really excited.

Meet the all-star crew!

Charlie Jacklinproducer, sound engineer
Kris Womackelectric guitar
Gary White – electric guitar
John Cooperiderbass, drums
Dave Tomsdrums, percussion
Neil MacNaughtontrumpet
Ashley Beattiesax
Ricky Joe Vellaacoustic guitar
Deborah Lindenbacking vocals
Leslie Hudsonpiano, organ, vocals

There are songs about holograms and holodiction, the Klingons, Ferengi, Maquis and Trill, battles between and over fans, series and 7 of 9, anthems for Captains and Doctors, ballads and jazz harmonies, power pop, metal riffs and full-on rock tunes.  In effect, what you should probably have come to expect by now from one of my projects.

2.   Also in November I’ll be sharing my music in public again, starting with a visit to OVFF in Columbus OH (where I’ve been nominated as Best Performer at the 2016 Pegasus Awards), then flying to Portland OR to perform at OryCon as Friends of Filk’s special musical guest, and in March I’ll be performing as Interfilk’s guest at Consonance in San Jose CA.  I’ve never been to the west coast of America and here I come twice in five months!

3.   In October I’ll be starting a blog written from the perspective of an Aspie, i.e. someone on the autism spectrum.  Since my adult diagnosis five years ago I’ve had the opportunity to discuss my brain and how it affects my creativity from multiple platforms (conventions, panels, blog posts, online chats, conversation) but there’s never enough time to reach many individuals on a regular basis.  This will help.

More and more people these days are talking about autism from the inside out and that’s enlightening because we’re the best translators available so I’m going to add my voice to this growing choir in an effort to both help neurotypicals understand us better and lend strength to the autism community.  I’ve had many requests over the past few years to do this and I feel like now’s the time.

And finally (at least for now..)

4.   Soon a podcast will be born the likes of which has never been heard before!  Actually, I can’t say that with certainty since I’ve only ever listened to a couple of podcasts but I can guarantee you’ve never heard these two particular people discuss this particular topic on a regular basis in public before.  We do it all the time without an audience, we’ve just decided to let you all eavesdrop.

Don’t Make Me Watch That! hosted by me and Andrew Young (Geek Hard, Back Issue Bloodbath) launches early 2017 where we will force one another to watch the movies we love because they’re the movies the other’s gonna hate.  Why would we do this?  Because we each derive enormous pleasure from making the other suffer.  Not just suffer, but suffer vocally and vehemently and thus entertainingly.

We’ll let you know when and where and all those pertinent facts in the coming months.  If you’ve enjoyed our arguments on Geek Hard Radio, well this is us taking it to the next level.

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