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Watched a delightful BBC series called Cranford (2007) with Brenda tonight.  It was exactly what I needed.

Talk about a stellar cast!  Judi Dench are Imelda Staunton are superb.  And to my immense surprise and joy the teleplay for this series (based on novellas written by Elizabeth Gaskell between 1849-58), the creators, the editor and the producers are all women.  The cast is star-studded with brilliant actors, the writing is witty and subtle and rings true to the period and to women’s lives.

I know when I’m watching a series and the women have all the best lines (in the best possible way), they take time to consider and discuss, the depth of their inner thoughts are given screen time, their kinship and friendship is given weight and time to develop, their characters have room and inclination to grow, and they are versatile, interesting, engaging people that I’m watching a series created and written by women.

Otherwise we would likely have received a script where men make decisions of weight with consideration and much wrestling with conscience while women just do what women do and who knows why they do anything.  “Mysterious creatures, women!”  *sigh*  Not in this show.

It’s a fantastic series and I highly recommend it.  Wonderful way to spend 5 hours.  (There’s a Christmas 2-part special!  Maybe that will be tomorrow before I’m back on the road again.)


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