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Day 11/27 – David Clarence MacLean

Ever since I started writing songs, I have longed to play alongside a cellist.  Then in sauntered David Clarence MacLean.

David plays violin and cello on my album.  The violin he plays often as one-fifth of Whiskey Epiphany, for whom he also plays guitar, bass, mandolin, and whistle, depending on his mood, but the cello he pulled out ‘specially for me.

My heart sings every time I hear one of my songs with a cello in the mix.  And with a violin!  Live strings!  I rarely have the opportunity to play with live strings, and this is my first time performing my original tunes with either instrument played by someone who knows how (which is to say, not me).  I’ll be eternally grateful that he and the cello set aside their 40-year hiatus and got back together to tour with this band.

The cello is sonically the instrument that comes closest to a human voice.  They share resonances.  It sings and reverberates with dark cherry-laden fullnesses.  It’s liquid mahogany.  (Sorry, my synaesthesia is taking over the keyboard.)  DCM’s violin tracks have transformed punk, rock, and hip hop riffs into a new set of musical fusions that you’ll just have to hear to understand.

DCM, you were the right man at the right time.  Thank you for sharing your artistry, your creativity, and your heartfelt participation in this project.  I can’t wait to hear what we make of the future wherever and whenever our musical paths cross.  For bowing without scraping, thank you.

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