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Day 12/27 – Jack MacLean

Anyone who’s played in a band with me before knows I’m a lover of the bass, and Jack MacLean knows his away around a bass.  A 5-string bass, no less!  All those glorious low frequencies.

Jack finds his parts in the songs so fluidly we didn’t even have to discuss them.  Whether the arrangement is full-band-onslaught or underpinning a gentle piano ballad, he winds his bass notes into the fabric so they hold weight but never weigh down.  Clever little riffs that only surface once in a song, moments to listen for, to look forward to, where before there was nothing but space.

This is our first musical project together, and it’s been a treat.  Jack’s on every song on the album, and deservedly so.  He proves once again my firm belief that everything’s better with bass.  My lower register, driving piano playing isn’t quite so lonely now.  Along with the cello, we are filling that space together.

Jack plays bass and guitar with Whiskey Epiphany (yes, I did borrow 3/5 of Mike Gravitis’ band), is currently studying guitar in the Mohawk Jazz program, and can be found backing up and recording for all sorts of other projects.  If you play your cards right you can book Jack and DCM as a pair, and you’ll basically have hired a full band between them.

Jack, I love everything you’ve done, and the enthusiasm with which you’ve brought it.  You’ve scored an excellent first impression, both personally and professionally.  The synergy on that stage is going to be intense!  For helping me lay the foundation, thank you.

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