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Day 13/27 – Neil MacNaughton

He’s known as a man of many talents, with the ability to grow the beardiest of beards: it’s Neil MacNaughton!

It’s not just that he writes amazing songs, or that his latest album Pieces of the Trip was also produced by Charlie Jacklin at Kerr Village Productions.  It’s not only his energized guitar-playing performances, which cause all listeners to irresistibly bounce along, or his brash brass skills.  It’s the man himself.

Neil plays in the band Cosmic Mojo (along with many other local favourites), and hosts the open mic at The Moonshine Cafe every Tuesday night.  (Unless he’s down in Mexico filming Marc Pettigrew’s new music videos.  Yes, he does that too.)  Every Tuesday once the list is complete he hosts a late-night jam until the wee hours when James finally kicks us all out.  They were my very first jams, and more than one song of mine developed its teeth as a result.

On my new album Neil plays trumpet.  At the show on June 27 he’ll also play percussion and sing harmony.  He’s also hosting the final set of the evening, performing some of his own tunes and taking over those duties so I can relax a bit.  Stick around until the end of the party because there will be loads of special appearances, collaborations and entertaining surprises.  We will not go gently into that good night!

Neil, you wear your heart on your sleeve and your soul’s in your eyes.  A warmer, more inclusive musician I’ve rarely known.  Your music is so catchy it’s infectious, and it matches your spirit.  For reminding us all to breathe deep, thank you.

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