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Day 15/27 – Danielle Donville

I may play the piano, but Danielle Donville plays the Keys.

One day she came over to my house, sat down at my piano, and showed me how to play blues scales and classic rock riffs and I was hooked.  One night we were drinking red wine at the ‘Shine and we came up with the idea for Ladies of the Moonshine, now our annual August show (stay tuned for it!) with a curated collaboration of fabulous females, including one I’ll highlight tomorrow.  When we get together, magic happens.

Danielle is one of the most versatile keyboard players I know.  On my album she plays rock organ and sings backing vocals.  She plays by ear, and her ears are tuned in to complex harmonies, so she’s an expert session musician.  She’s generous with her time and her experience, and she’s the perfect balance of solemnity and silliness.  Which is to say, she’s the best of both worlds.

One open mic we were arm-in-arm and someone said to us, “I thought you’d hate each other, both being female pianists.”  As if there isn’t room for more than one female pianist in the bar!  Or more pianists at all!  We gotta hold our own against all these guitarists, you know.  Our instrument is much harder to wield so we can use all the muscle we can muster.

Dani, you are the best.  Wine and whiskey have fueled our friendship, and the piano has been our playground.  You are harmony and serenity wrapped in the healthiest absurdity and I love you for it.  Our laughter sustains us, floats us over and beyond the rest of the world that gleefully tags along in our wake.  For your embrace, thank you.

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