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Day 16/27 – Megan Boni

What do you get when you cross a feisty little bulldog with a banjo-playing folk singer?  Megan Boni.

Multi-instrumentalist doesn’t quite describe her.  She plays (regularly) not just banjo, but guitar and dulcimer, plus accordion, piano, bass, oh, and give her a harp while you’re at it.  Give her anything, really.  Then give her a day to figure it out.

Megan is studying World Music at York.  She’s one of those students who walked into the program already having nailed the fundamentals of folk singing – which is no small feat – already having hosted the youth jams at the Moonshine, and already songwriting.  What do you do with a student like her?  Push her harder.  She’ll only excel.

On my album Megan’s playing accordion and singing backing vocals.  She can double Sinead, sing Trad, and haunt your dreams with that voice of hers.  Together with Danielle we are a trio of feminine power, performing three-part-harmony whenever we get the chance, having at least as much fun at our rehearsals as we do on stage.  If I could have found a place for Megan to play all her instruments on this project I would have, but as it is you’ll just have to listen to her own as they come to get the bigger picture.

Megan, your lust for life is inspiring.  Your talent is without limit, so keep pushing boundaries.  The only corner you’ll ever find yourself in is the one you choose to occupy.  Sing until you find your voice, then find another one.  Never stop.  You are growth incarnate, my friend.  For your passionate approach to everything you do, thank you.

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