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Day 17/27 – John Argentiero

Today I’m dipping outside the Moonshine pool of musical talent on my album – just this once! – to highlight the one and only John Argentiero.

John is one of those musicians who can play any style and nail it.  He’s the most eclectic writer I know, who pushes boundaries for himself and for his listeners, and he’s as good as he is at stepping off the path because he’s already beaten it.  His album Divide The Storm was once my daily soundtrack, and I highly recommend checking it out.  I sing on his EP Hurtful Nothings, which includes a co-written LOTR metal tune from the perspective of Galadriel, called “All Shall Love Me And Despair.”  (Yes, you need to go listen to that now.)

We met through FAWM (February Album Writing Month), an online community of musicians and writers who participate each year in a songwriting challenge to create 14 new songs in the 28 days of February.  Many of you have heard me speak of this annual mayhem and thus questioned my sanity, but I assure you I am only one voice of many thousands, and John’s has always been one of my favourites.

John is the founding force behind The Das Binky Collective, which has included many talented FAWMers across America, Canada, Europe and beyond.  When I was learning how to collaborate, he was one of my best teachers.  He was also a cornerstone of The Four Horsemen of My Apocalypse (along with Devin, Peter & Kristian, producers and co-writers, all), my nickname for four men who helped transform me as a musician and performer.  John is the only co-writer on Into The Mirror, plays acoustic guitar on that track, and the only long-distance member of the band.  I’d fly him up for the show if I could.

Though our paths rarely cross these days, Binky, few people have been more influential on my musical development than you.  I miss our collaborations and how our lives once intertwined.  But life flows on.  Still you’re in the music, and the words, and the heartbeat of the river.  For everything we’ve created together, thank you.

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