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Day 19/27 – Dave Falco

It’s the flute-amp-toting grand master himself, Dave Falco.

Surprisingly, the Hudsons and the Falcos have a long history.  A history that predates our meeting, in fact.  Dave and I are both former HSC students and we were both taught by my Dad who is friends with his sister.  When I first met Dave at the Moonshine and I heard his last name I thought, those Falcos?  Nah, couldn’t be.  Little did we know.

Dave plays the flute like Jethro Tull.  Every now and then he quietly shows up at an open mic or a jam and joins in on a few songs.  When everything’s flowing just right he can play in such a way you wonder where he finds the breath to keep standing.  On my album he plays a very different style, but a different kind of lovely.

He owns and operates Howl Studio in Oakville and works with a wide range of recording artists.  In person he’s approachable and supportive, always wearing the broadest of grins.  He’s professional but he knows how to take it easy, which is a winning combination.  He was raised on the same mission statement I was: to think and act both for [ourselves] and the betterment of others.

Dave, it’s been a pleasure getting to know you and realizing we’ve grown from the same tree.  There’s no bond quite like a Hillfield bond.  Your enthusiasm for your work is inspiring, and I wish you success upon success for the future.  For filling in the sonic spaces, thank you.

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