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Day 2/27 – Kerr Village Productions

My new album is being recorded, edited, mixed & mastered by Charlie Jacklin at Kerr Village Productions in Oakville, ON.

Whether you’ve never recorded before or you’ve been at it for a while, whether you know exactly what you want or you’re still figuring it out, whether you’re really nailing it on a given day or you’re having trouble finding your feet, Charlie will put you at ease and bring out your best.

With some of the most discerning ears in the business, he’ll help you find your Voice.  He’s selective, supportive, and won’t let you settle for anything lower than your highest standard.  He will simultaneously elicit precision and keep you laughing, which is a rare and precious head-space to maintain for any recording artist trying to honour his/her work by balancing serious commitment with passionate, joyful expression.

I’ve worked with many producers over the years, but Charlie’s unique.  Whether your project is small- or grand-scale, whether it’s you and your guitar or (like me, this time) you’ve got a 12-piece band, he’ll accommodate you.  He’ll help you set goals and parameters that work, he’ll make his deadlines, and he’ll make sure you’re happy with your final product.

Whatever road you may see yourself walking, Charlie’s looking farther, and broader, from a totally different perspective.  This album would not exist without his vision.  It would never have grown and become what it is without his mastery.

Charlie, you’re one of my favourite people on the planet.  You’ll never know how much this collaboration has meant to me, how it’s changed who I am, or how I see myself as an artist.  Now I know why this album was such a long time coming.  It was waiting for you.  With everything I am, thank you.

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