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Day 20/27 – Leslie Hudson

One more musician on the album left to talk about, folks, and that’s me.

I’m the twelfth.  Twelve fabulous musicians helped make this album possible.  Twelve fabulous musicians and one stupendous producer brought this album to life.  But these songs are mine, and my piano is my greatest collaborator.  This album’s Voice is mine.  This project is the culmination of everything I’ve learned so far and figured out how to say to this moment in time, and to all of you.

Some of the songs on Into The Mirror have been with me for several years.  They were written while I watched other people survive and nearly drown in personal and familial collapse, and while I wondered how I’d manage if our roles were reversed.  Most of the songs have been with me far shorter but have been honed by performance so they cut their teeth quickly.  Some were written for people.  Some are tributes to experience.  Some track my journey, and others single steps.  All of them capture the way I saw the world when I wrote them.  All of them come from my heart.

Over the past 5 years I have learned several lessons:

  1. How to write in almost any genre, to deadlines, to spec, quickly, and to self-edit without self-sabotage.
  2. How to collaborate in composition, writing, arrangement and performance.
  3. How to perform with passion, precision and power, embracing (not fearing) my listeners.
  4. When I shine my brightest, there are those who will be healed by the blaze and those who will be burned by it; they’ll sort themselves out, just keep shining.
  5. There is no limit to possibility, there is always another level to reach, there is always more to learn.  Remember this and I remember myself.
  6. Seize the day, even the day that overwhelms.  Breathe it in because breath is life, song is the shaping of that breath, and singing depends on breath control.  No excuses: even the plants are doing it.

Everyone struggles; it’s part of the human condition.  Arguably it is the very thing that defines our humanity.  Artists of all kinds have learned how to express this struggle.  Songwriting is the process by which I translate the filaments of light-as-sound, the DNA of the universal unconscious, the common denominators of our species, into music-made-manifest.

Sounds grandiose, perhaps, but that’s all a love song is, or a break-up song, or a song about loneliness or getting high.  Common experience uniquely translated.  That’s all I am: a translator as much as anyone else.  There are trillions of stars in the universe, but none quite like me and I revel in my anonymous splendour.  What a paradox of perspective we all are.

For letting me wax poetic as I muse on a Saturday morning, thank you.  This album’s for you.

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