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Day 22/27 – Whiskey Epiphany


This is Whiskey Epiphany, the rolling folk, Celtic-infused, incredibly talented band-of-five opening my CD release show!

Mike & Lianne Gravitis, David & Jack MacLean, and Dave Toms make up this stellar cast.  They play the kind of music that makes you dance, with glorious harmonies, insistent beats and great musicianship.  I stalk them around Southern Ontario whenever I can because they remind me of the East Coast, my Celtic music roots, and they’re all friends of mine.  Plus they’re damn good performers.

Three-fifths of Whiskey Epiphany makes up three-tenths of the hired-gun band who is playing the main event with me on Saturday.  I’ve promised Mike & Lianne I’m only borrowing them, and I’ll return them in better condition than I found them.  Sweatier, maybe, but exhilarated.  We’re having a blast preparing for this show.

You can listen to Whiskey Epiphany’s first CD and EP online while you wait for them to finish their second album, also being recorded and produced by Charlie Jacklin at Kerr Village Productions.  Check their schedule and catch them live this summer around the GTA and beyond, from Waterloo to Hamilton, Barrie to Georgetown.

I mean, look how much fun they have:


Mike, Lianne, David, Jack & Dave, you are a fantastic team.  On stage you’re a joy to watch.  Behind the scenes you’re a perfect balance of apportioned responsibilities.  I’m excited to share the stage with you, the bill with you, and the songs with you.  Keep it up, guys; you’re killing it!  For playing from the heart, thank you.

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