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Day 25/27 – Early track release “Shadowing”

The third and final of three early release tracks from Into The Mirror!  For the rest you’ll have to wait..

released 25 June 2015
Music by John Argentiero
Melody & lyrics by Leslie Hudson
Produced by Charlie Jacklin at Kerr Village Productions, Oakville, ON

Leslie Hudson – vocals, piano
Dave Toms – drums
John Argentiero – acoustic guitar
James MacKay – analog synth
Jack MacLean – bass
David Clarence MacLean – violin
Danielle Donville – backing vocals
Megan Boni – backing vocals

Call it crowing when I am calling for help
When I am shouting from the rooftops
To look out below
For the falling debris from the top shelf

Is it showing beneath the hem of my skirt
Where I have tucked in my white feathers
And stopped up the flow
With the messages scrawled on my t-shirts

I’m all-knowing until I look in the mirror
And see the surface of the body
I cannot outgrow
Through the eyes of a blasphemous seer

I can see I’m
A raven’s wing

Disbelieving that I deserve to be heard
Above the murmurs of the masses
And loathe to receive admiration
When I’m not a songbird

I’m deceiving every casual romance
‘Cause I know how to work a black dress
The right way to breathe
On my toes in my heels for the last dance

(I deceive, I deceive)

Incompleting the very passes I’m thrown
Afraid of showing that I’ve got talons
And blood on my beak
As I sharpen it here on your whetstone

I can see I’m
A raven’s wing

When the wind blows
I let it carry me
My raucous laugh can be infectious
I know others have been here before me
But I am here now
And this is precious

I’ve been learning how to sail with the tide
To measure monuments and mountains
The way to discern domination
From fear and a fool’s pride

I can see I’m
A raven’s wing

I am yearning for the moment I break
And I embrace disintegration
‘Cause then I will earn that one moment of loss
For its own sake
And reawaken

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