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Day 26/27 – Rehearsal photos

The day before our big show, here’s a peek into our rehearsals..

Look how much fun we have:

Leslie1 _MG_1685 _MG_1679 _MG_1716 _MG_1661 _MG_1671

There are moments we’re serious, too..

_MG_1733 _MG_1692 _MG_1734 _MG_1761

But sometimes I go:


And Dave goes:


And James goes:


And Jack goes:


While Kris waits it out:


Until we’re back to:

_MG_1686 _MG_1732 _MG_1681 11168130_10153318915261215_141354685890843901_n

We are the spectrum of emotion channelled through instrumentation and manifested as music.  Also, we love hanging out and jamming.

Thanks with enormous gratitude to Danielle Donville for taking these lovely photos.  You can’t see her in most of them because she’s behind the camera, buying us pizza.

Pictured above: Leslie Hudson, Dave Toms, James MacKay, Jack MacLean, David Clarence MacLean, Kris Womack, Megan Boni, Lorne Allan & Danielle Donville, missing: Neil MacNaughton

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