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Day 3/27 – Karl Stahl

The photography for my new album and all its artwork is in the talented hands of Karl Stahl.

Karl and I have been collaborating on creative projects for more than a decade.  We’ve co-designed websites, album covers, and all kinds of music PR paraphernalia.  I’ll write the copy and he’ll frame it.  I’ll have a vision and he’ll carve it into time and space.  I’ll have a thought and he’ll make it a reality.

Karl is an astoundingly versatile designer.  From the bare bones of a wire frame architecture, through colour schemes and stylistic preferences, to the finished gloss of the published product, his artistic flair and purposeful choices are consistently in evidence.  His attention to detail is unmatched, right down to the pixel.

As an artist, Karl is special.  As a photographer, he is downright gifted.  Artists see the world with strange eyes, wild eyes, calculating eyes, eyes that perceive the interplay of shadow and light, eyes for subtlety, and eyes that aren’t afraid to turn the world upside-down and inside-out.  Karl takes all these ways of looking and seeing and blends them into paintings and portraits.  He designs microcosms and vignettes.  His photographs tell stories and sing songs.

It is no mean feat to teach someone like me, who once avoided the camera at all costs, how to embrace it, to use it, to learn from it.  I owe a fundamental part of my public transformation to not only his skill behind a lens, but his incomparable patience, and his deep and abiding belief in what I could become, in how I would benefit from his viewpoint.

Karl, there is no way for me to calculate the hours, the weeks, the years of effort, love and support you have poured into making my dreams tangible.  Of all the people who love me for who I am – for all of who I am – you have never once asked me to diminish my light: instead you celebrate it.  You are one of the deepest pools I’ve ever known, and I continually love what we create together.  With my soul and spirit and all their fire, thank you.

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