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Day 5/27 – The Moonshine Cafe

My CD release show will be at The Moonshine Cafe, in Oakville, ON.

Support Live Music!  Support the Moonshine Cafe.

When I emerged back onto the public stage in January 2012 – after 10 years of avoiding it – I serendipitously chose to do so at this warm little hippy bar on Kerr Street.  A friend of a friend suggested I drop in on the open mic Tuesday nights, so I decided and I did.

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again: the Moonshine community changed my life.

I mean that sincerely and wholeheartedly.  It’s not hyperbole to say this new album of mine would not have happened if I had never walked through those doors.  Nearly every person involved in its production I met there.  We met, we talked, became friends, jammed, listened to each other’s new songs, harmonized, supported one another, strengthened our bonds, and that process has had a profound effect on me.

John Marlatt and Jane MacKay have created and continue to create – because a community is a living, breathing organism requiring on-going care – a tapestry woven from music-warp and people-weft.  (Although John, I think, would argue that really the people are the warp.)  Live music is the pulse of the place, and the musicians, music lovers, and music industry professionals who support and populate it, who come and go and return again, are bound together there.

We are more than the sum of our parts when we play together, when we are provided with a space in which to play, when we are honoured and respected for our desire to play.  How rare and precious this is!  As my friend Mr Wallace often says, we are truly blessed to know one another.  It is a gift to share one perfect musical moment that will never come again, that will be replaced by a thousand more.

This is what the Moonshine Cafe represents in my life.  It is the place where magic happens.  There is a reason that professional, big-name, cross-country artists keep adding this venue to their tours.  It houses a gathering of kindred spirits.  It provides a sanctuary, an intimacy, for performer and patron alike.

I wouldn’t choose another place to launch my new album, to host a party that may well be packed to the rafters.  The Moonshine is in itself a celebration of everything we bring to the table.  So on June 27th you better believe we’re gonna bring it.

John and Jane, you have been sincere supporters of my career, my projects, and myself since we met.  My gratitude can never truly be expressed to either of you, but I will keep trying to find ways to show you how your contributions to me, the musicians I’ve grown to love, and the community you’ve knit together have made me a better performer and a wiser person.  With love to you both, thank you.

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