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Day 6/27 – Loose Noose Entertainment

My CD release show will be filmed by Jonathan Chiovitti of Loose Noose Entertainment!

Based in Toronto, Loose Noose is a one-stop shop for video and photo promotion, servicing artists and businesses with ready-for-broadcast, full-production music videos, movie trailers, commercials, documentaries, and short films.  Whether you’re filming 30 seconds or 30 minutes, they will accommodate you and make you look cinematic.

On June 27th the entire show will be recorded – video and sound – meaning that if for some reason you can’t make it on the night there will be an opportunity to catch it down the road.  (Just for you, my far-flung Canadian, American and European friends!)

We’ll be making three music videos using footage from the CD release performance, so come and cheer your heads off.  Plus, be in a music video!  I promise we’ll entertain the pants off you.  (Wait, maybe keep your pants on.  Show some self-restraint.)

Andrew Young (of Geek Hard infamy) will be there running the second camera because you’ll have to trust me on this: Jonathan only has two arms.  We’ll announce the video releases sometime in July, on the other side of all those cola-infused editing hours in dark rooms to come.

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