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Day 7/27 – Album title “Into The Mirror”

Announcing the title of my new album:

Into The Mirror

Unearthing the central theme of this collection of songs took a long time.

Perhaps because I spent so many years trying to pull this project into focus.  There were numerous false starts.  I think for any momentous accomplishment there are often false starts, which are neither false nor starts, but you know what I mean when I say it because we use this phrase for just these occasions.

Perhaps because the songs that made the final cut were written over several years while I was running up a steep learning curve, musically and professionally.  They track a tumult in my timescape, explosive situations in the lives of those close to me, a growing power of passionate expression and the will to manifest it.

Perhaps because my heart is so publicly on my sleeve.  If you know me at all you know I have unfathomable depths, but my eyes are clear windows into those crystalline caverns.  I’ll only shutter them if you make me.  There is nothing hidden in what I write, what I compose, when I share it.  Cloaked in metaphor, certainly, but it’s all there to be heard if you know how to listen.

I grappled with my lyrics, searching for threads that wove around and bound and frayed, but they slipped through my fingers.  Then I realized the pieces weren’t threads, they weren’t cloth, they weren’t soft at all.  They were jagged and sharp and I’d been bleeding.

It has been so hard
Pulling out the shards
Splintered glass cuts deep
Lip service is cheap
(from “Until It Breaks”)

We’re diverging; you are distant
I can’t find the words to say
You’re a memory in the mirror
You’re a part of yesterday
(from “Cracked”)

I am yearning for the moment I break
And I embrace disintegration
‘Cause then I will earn that one moment of loss for its own sake
And reawaken
(from “Shadowing”)

Driving on toward the darkness
Facing paralytic terror
Gazing into the black mirror
Searching for the road ahead
(from “Epona’s Wild Daughter”)

And there it was..  The Mirror.  Cracked, broken, shattered, yes.  Ragged-edged and potentially lethal.  But once the pane of glass has been removed in its entirety the boundary between what is and what could be goes with it.  All that’s left is threshold.

So Into The Mirror I go.

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