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Day 9/27 – Kris Womack

Kris Womack is a powerhouse of sound with a unique vision.  He sees through opacity; he cuts to the quick.  He hears what’s almost there and pulls the pieces into alignment.

On this album he’s playing guitar.  Together with Dave Toms, the three of us jammed out these songs of mine for 6 weeks before recording them.  I’m new to the process of arranging original songs live off the floor with other musicians, but Kris has been doing it for years.  There are songs that now sing because he nudged them into their groove.

He’s also been a huge part of the mixing mechanism.  He and Charlie bounce ideas back and forth and tweak levels that my ears can barely perceive.  They’re incisive and collaborative, and their choices are shaping this album into greatness.

The first time I heard Kris sing (War Pigs, it was) I remember my jaw hitting the floor.  If I could have found a way to share that voice of his on this project I would have, but as it is you’ll have to wait for GCDC‘s CD release on July 31st.  Even if I hadn’t coerced half the band to play on my album, I’d still be there with bells on.  And so should you.

Kris, you are one of the most authentic men I’ve ever known, and coming from someone who values integrity above all other traits it’s the highest compliment I can give.  You’re a rock.  Whenever you say, “You’ve got this,” I believe you.  For never backing down from taking the bull by the horns, thank you.

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