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FAWM 2016

This is the month for a songwriting challenge called FAWM – February Album Writing Month.  Thousands of writers and musicians, pros and novices, gather together online to write 14 new songs in 28 days.  In a leap year we sometimes write 14.5.

I’m using the structure and communal motivation to finish writing my upcoming Trek album Yeoman on the Bridge (which I’ve done!) and my other upcoming comic book character album The Redhead League.  If you want a sneak peek into these songs, go visit my personal FAWM page.

I credit my ability to write succinctly and with depth and variation to the training I’ve received from participating in this challenge over the last 7 years.  Anyone can join, it’s an extremely supportive community, and the opportunity to collaborate with people around the globe and to have your music heard and lyrics read is stellar.

We’re halfway through now and I still have so much to do!  Better get back to it.

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