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Hi everyone,

This is a little Public Service Announcement (because knowing is half the battle).  I’m taking the rest of October off, musically.  I have outstanding recording projects, jam sessions, commissions, co-writes, open mics, and gigs to prep for, but my body is insisting I take some time off.

Following the stellar Sinderella gig at the Moonshine last week – which included me, Deborah Linden, Adam Hill, as well as the wonderful talents of Devin Melanson, Garry Pomeroy, Chantelle Okel, Carlos Parra, Lee Vickery, Dave Falco, Dave Toms, Mike Langevin, Lorne Allan, John Marlatt, John Das Binky, Eric Distad and James MacKay – I came down hard with an illness that has attacked my throat and just knocked me out.

So, I’ve decided this forced hiatus will feed into a beneficial one.  I have so many things to accomplish before the end of 2013 that I need to be 100% ready to tackle them all.  I need the rest.

Some of the excitement over the next several weeks includes:

– 3 Copy Red Leader gigs with Devin

– 2 release shows at the Moonshine with friends (Marc Pettigrew, and Ron Baumber)

– folk gig at the Wee Folk Club just before the solstice

Not to mention all the off-the-book and behind-the-scenes projects on my plate.  See?  I really do need a break.

Great things are coming; great things have been.  Thank you all for being a part of the journey this year.  It’s been a whirlwind and I’m loving it.  See you all again in a couple weeks..

~ Leslie

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  1. Barb Hudson says:

    Hi Leslie. I am your 1st cousin once removed. My father was your grandfather’s brother Clarence. You can ask Louise about me. I live in Victoria BC. Hudson is/was my maiden name. I have been married to my husband, John Yankoski for 49 years. I am a new fan of your blog, love your music and was sorry to hear that you are sick. Things like that happen when you are too busy and working and travelling as it seems you are doing. Take the time off to rest and heal and listen to your body when it says “Slow down”. I am on FB and would love to be your FB “Friend”. Cheers cousin from the west coast of Canada. Once you read this, as you may not want it to stay on your blog, you can delete it if you wish. …barby

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