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Into the studio

A wee bit of an update on the recording front:

I spent most of November writing, workshopping, and working out the kinks in the songs for my next album, The Wanderlings Volume Two.  Most of December will be spent in the studio, madly recording to meet my deadline at the end of the year so the album can be released in January 2016.

Also on the horizon for 2016 are two more albums to round out my geeky side.  I’m hoping to get them all done before I go on tour this coming summer (more on that soon!) so strap in; here they come..

The Wanderlings Volume Two
January 2016
The autumn chapter of my (eventual) four-volume collection of songs depicting female characters from folklore and myth, inspired by villains, witches, shapeshifters, goddesses, ghosts, the old & the forgotten

The Redhead League 
April 2016
A collection of songs about and from the perspective of my ideal team of comic book/animated redheads including Poison Ivy, Dark Phoenix, Elastigirl, Jessica Rabbit, Black Widow, Batgirl, Scarlett, Teela & whoever else passes our rigorous initiation trials

Yeoman on the Bridge
June 2016
Having now watched all Trek shows from TOS, TNG, & DS9 (soon filling in the gaps of my sporadic viewing of VOY & ENT) and all of the films, this album will span the ages, the captaincies, the quadrants and the generations of Star Trek

Whew!  Yes, I know.  I’m prolific.

Honestly though, it’s nearly impossible to keep you all current on the songs that come through me in my various guises.  I perform as rocker- and geek- and faerie-facets of myself and often blur the lines between.  Because I write about all kinds of genre-specific things using unexpected styles of music I can sneak in the odd song about cartoons at a bar gig or a love song at a convention, which brings me all kinds of joy.

So I may be reclusive from performing my own full shows over the coming six months, but believe me, I’ll be making up for it this summer.  I will come to you and I will sing for you.  Loads of spanking new material, and lots of collaborations are coming your way.  I better get to work.  See you soon.

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