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For the past 2 years I’ve putting together the most ambitious project I’ve ever attempted. A new album, but so much more.

Photo by Bryan Koviak (Al Sabo Land Preserve, Portage MI) 2019

Keep Left at the Fork is comprised of 13 songs that follow my Journey into Faerie.  13 songs I wrote to hold the place of 13 steps on a Path from start to finish, inspired by the work of Brian & Wendy Froud in The Heart of Faerie Oracle.

Pagans like me who reach back into the Past for meaning and inspiration, for research that informs faith, for language study and prayer, to touch ancient iconography and sacred spaces, can find that we long to go backwards in time, to step into what was and dwell there.  It’s a siren’s song, calling us home to ancestry or to heartland or to memory or to desire. There’s a seduction in letting go of our anchor in the Now.

Keep Left at the Fork chronicles my Journey into Faerie as it is, not as it was. I am a modern pagan in a modern world.  These songs tell the story of a vital and present woman, engaged in her life, testing it, enlightening it, transforming it.  I’m not writing about Faerie so much as I am walking into Faerie.

I’m writing about the blessings to be found in the midst of chaos, the joy of feeling free to live a chosen life, the memory of trauma and the consequence of standing up for personal truth, the challenge of living with dysmorphic inner voices, the fear of opening up to someone else, the baggage of past relationships, the moment of silence where clarity begins, the search for self and validation, the lure of glamorous association, the spark of creation in the blackness, the weight of ideas so massive they will change the world, the lessons passed from mother to daughter, and the mystery of metamorphosis.

The Blessing.  The Leaving.  The Remembrance.  The Challenge.  The Joy of the Future.  The Shadow of the Past.  The Song.  The Question.  The Temptation.  The Hope.  The Dreaming.  The Gift.  The Returning.

This is a Journey into Faerie of the sort you may not recognize.  There are no tell-tale signs of wings and pixie dust.  It’s a modern Second Sight as subtle as it is profound, the truth that hides in plain sight.

Photo by Matthew Cimone (Music Under The Trees, Redmond WA) 2018

I’ve had the privilege of collaborating in weird and wonderful ways with musicians and writers around the world for many years, thanks to the annual songwriting challenges I participate in, my extensive touring schedule, and the international communities who support me.  But this time it’s different.

Never before have I poured so much of myself into a project.  This isn’t just another album; it’s a Magical Working.

I’ve gathered musicians from across the US, Canada and as far as Norway to help me sculpt this sonic landscape. The terrain is more carefully crafted than it has been on other albums. Think keys and strings, voices, rhythms and words.  Think magic and infusion.  Think oneness of purpose.

The versatility and stylistic reach of these musicians is extraordinary. When each of them agreed to be on the album, I danced.  We’re going to be able to build exactly the sound I heard in my head when I planned the project.  A true gift.

The musicians are

If you’re unfamiliar with any of their music, take some time to remedy that. Follow the links to their pages and listen to them, support them, encourage them.  Follow them on social media.  Attend their concerts whenever you have the opportunity.  Most of us perform regularly, all of us make music regularly, some of us tour together as often as we can.  It’s a stellar crew and I couldn’t be more excited to hear how we’re all going to sound.

Album cover art by Stacy Koviak-Davison

But I want Keep Left at the Fork to be more than an album.

In May I returned home at the end of a 4-month tour with the fire of inspiration burning in my head.  I reached out to friends, artists of many kinds, to painters, jewellers, calligraphers, potters, textile artists, photographers, and asked them to join me.  Each one multi-talented, each one willing to let my art inspire theirs, and to infuse this project with their unique vision, magic and style.

Between them – and this is a list of such massive creative ability it’s astounding – they are designing original works inspired by specific songs on the album and by the Fae themselves.  I am so thrilled, honoured and grateful to be able to share with you their beautiful artistry.

The Fine Arts Nexus is

From semi-precious stone necklaces to prints of original art, from glazed ogam tokens to a silver and blood pearl circlet you have to see to believe, from satin pixie skirts to illustrated lyric scrolls, from customized spell verses to fully-integrated metamorphic rituals, we have something for everyone.  (Read through the reward tiers for details on each one.)

These original items are available in small quantities only so if you see something you must have, snap it up quickly!  It may not last long.

Come see what we’ve got in store for you. I promise it will be worth your while. This collaboration between artists has never been before and never will be again. This is special. Come be part of it.

Photo by Bryan Koviak (Al Sabo Land Preserve, Portage MI) 2019

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