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Last shows of 2013

Well here I am at the close of the year, and what a year it’s been.  Thank you, each and every one of you, for making 2013 a roaringly musical success!  For my first year as a professional performer, I am overwhelmed by the love and support I have received from all of you.  I’m so very grateful.

By the end of December I will have performed more than 75 times, including open mics, solo gigs, triple bills, rock shows, geek parties, house concerts, filk circles, CD release shows, and fundraising benefits.  I can barely catch my breath when I think about all I’ve accomplished over the past 11 months, the musicians I’ve met and collaborated with, and what I’ve learned from them.

I would not have created the music I created, however, without the following people:

– Devin Melanson, my musical other half, my bandmate, my manager, and my co-creator on so many levels

– Copy Red Leader, which gains in strength every day because of the continued support of Karl Stahl, Sunila Melanson, and all of our wonderful fans – we love you guys!

– Pent Up (Devin, Carlos Parra, Lee Vickery, and Garry Pomeroy)

– The Four Horsemen of My Apocalypse (Devin, John Argentiero, Kristian Børresen, and Peter Watkinson)

– The FAWM and 50/90 communities

– The geek music lovers of the GTA and beyond, including Kari Maaren, Debs & Errol, The Dandies, and JoCoCruiseCrazy3

– The Moonshine Cafe collective, including Lorne Allan, Alexander Quail, Rob Birmingham, Ron Baumber, Marc Pettigrew, John Marlatt, Jane MacKay, Mike Langevin, Martin Rouleau, Dermot Walshe, Dave Falco, Peter Mathieson, Sandy Noble Yates, Kelly Buckland, Charlie Jacklin, Jim Hardy, Phil Kane, Texas John Cottle, Victor Morgado, Taylor Brockelsby, Élyse Simpson, Vanja Andrin, Jay William, and the list goes on and on

– The Sinderella show crew, including Deborah Linden, Adam Hill, Devin, John A, Garry, Lorne, Mike, Dave F, John M, Chantelle Okel, Dave Toms, Eric Distad, and James MacKay

– The filkers of Southern Ontario and farther afield, including Tom & Sue Jeffers (Stone Dragons), Peggi & Ken Lalonde, Jane Garthson & Phil Mills, FKO, the Concoms, SJ Tucker, Heather Dale, Tim & Annie Walker, and so many more

– Nikki Loney, my favourite vocal coach

– Bill Craig, still my most longsuffering collaborator, and without whom this journey would never have begun

There are so many people I could add to this list by name, and apologies to those I’ve missed.  It’s been an incredibly rich and fulfilling experience getting to know all of you and becoming a part of your lives.  Thank you for letting me in.

In December you will have the opportunity to see me perform in four different guises, so take your pick!

1. Sinderella

Friday, December 13th Sinderella (Deborah Linden and I) will be performing an acoustic set at the Black Swan Tavern in TO, as part of a variety birthday show along with several other acts.  Admission is $10 and open to our friends and fans.  We said we only perform twice a year, but surprise!  Consider it a holiday gift from us to you.

2. ‘Cause It’s Ladies’ Night!/events/421346147988161/

Sunday, December 15th I’ll be performing a solo set as part of this fundraiser hosted by Chantelle Okel at the Moonshine Cafe in Oakville to benefit Halton Women’s Place.  Admission is $10.  Also on the bill is Élyse Simpson, Karen Barton, and Hana Bajric, with many more musicians and artists contributing to the night.  Come out and support this worthy cause!

3. The Princess Bride Holiday Special!/events/537967816297580/

Wednesday, December 18th Copy Red Leader will be performing our entire Princess Bride song cycle at the Bovine Sex Club in TO, as a part of their One of Us Wednesdays series.  Once a month Shane Leslie hosts a geek night of epic proportions, and this one will have a festive flair, including a Secret Santa exchange (limit $30).  Come and rock out the end of the year with us!

4. The Wee Folk Club

Thursday, December 19th I will share a bill with Steafan Hannigan (and his family of talented musicians) at Dominion on Queen in TO.  I have always had a soft spot for folk music, songs about the season, and the opportunity to sing in Gaelic.  Rarely do these loves of mine coalesce, so this will be a show like no other I’ve done.  Admission is $10, and we’ll be in the back room where it’s quiet, under the watchful ears of Enoch Kent.


Have I given you enough choices?  I hope so!  And I hope to see you at one or more of these shows.  Choose the one that best suits you.  I am a chameleon, after all.  If you come to all four, you’ll see my versatility.  I promise to make each show unique.

In fact, just for fun, if you come to all four I will write you a song.  Custom-built in your honour.  Because if you can manage to keep up with me during this week in December, you’ll have earned it!

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