Snips and Snails

There have been a great many men in my life: relatives, elders, lovers, and friends, even enemies. This album is a collection of songs written about nearly 20 of them, from all aspects of my life. Some of them know who they are, some of them will never know. I swear I could write another CD’s worth, if I haven’t already. My third album (coming eight years after my last) took three years to complete, not because the songs are particularly complicated, or the arrangements diverse, but it was hard to restart the machine. Thankfully, these lads were worthy of the effort.

Recording credits & track list

Recorded at Scarlet Oak Studios, Burlington, ON
Music, vocals & lyrics by Leslie Hudson
Produced by Karl Stahl

1. Revolution (4:07) | 2. Doldrums (3:18) | 3. Down Down Down (3:12) | 4. Open Door (2:56) | 5. Harmony (3:59) | 6. Immaterial (2:51) | 7. Chainless (3:21) | 8. Memoir (4:45) | 9. White or Red (2:55) | 10. Wings of Night (6:38) | 11. Loved and Lost (5:23) | 12. Safe Harbour (3:31) | 13. Origin (2:56) | 14. Bill’s Tune (2:22) | 15. Follow the Wind (3:32) | 16. By and By (3:35)

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I was born singing
Into the world with a song in my mouth
Ever the listener
Melody glistened and harmony shone
Answer the calling
Music, the offering and worship, the song
Pour out this vessel
Drink from the source that is feeding us all

No, no
He would not let me sing
He would not grant his blessing
He would not feel my heart sting
No, no, no, I’m not listening
No, no, I’m not hearing anything
No, no, no, I won’t feel the words
Unless they are spoken, no melody heard

He kept it quiet
Poetry spinning the wheel in his head
Lift up the organ
Drown out the choir of a chorus, he said
Keep it traditional
Prick up your ears for the meekest women
Voices that tremble
Cannot inspire revolution again


Call it ironic
After he’s gone now his voice can be heard
More is the pity
Felt for the man with a lesson unlearned
Come to me sorrow
Help me to grow as I welcome you in
Pray I’ll remember
Never to hide from the truth that’s within


Come to me softly and sing
Come to me softly and sing, little child
Come to me softly and sing
But not too loud


You and yours and back to you
At any given time
If only you could change your tune
Baby, that would be sublime

It took too long to sniff you out
You took me by surprise
But now I see your glassy stare
The lack of fire behind your eyes

Tell me why I’m hesitating
Body’s tired and feet are aching
Tell me what you’re celebrating
Help me justify this waiting
When my heart is throbbing hard
I’m moving with the beat
My blood is coursing faster than
You will ever move those feet

So wrapped up in all you think
And all that you are after
Unabashed you join the crowd
In mild derisive laughter

You’re convinced you pave the way
With truth and trust as friends
But inside a coward lies
And no apologies he sends


Watch out for the snake that gleams
Watch out for the talker
He may bring you tea in bed
But he just don’t know how to rock you


Down Down Down

Down, down, down to the river
Down, down, down to the ground
Down, down, down underwater
Down, down, down

I find it’s been some time since my last transformation
And I find that I miss how it feels to transform
You pride up your back and I let out my sails
And I pull up my anchor again


I’m caught on a path with a clear destination
Though I know at one time I had no destiny
This suit that I’m wearing, it fits me too perfectly
I need to feel naked again


I could drown, drown, drown
On my way down, down, down
As if I could drown, drown, drown
Come lead me down, down, down



It’s immaterial what you’re thinkin’
It’s irrelevant that you’re sinkin’
It’s commitment that you’re lackin’
And your devotion is what’s slackin’
You say the words you throw away
They stay a-burnin’ in my brain

You know it’s not my way so I won’t play
I’ve set my mind and I won’t budge
You clearly need some time to realign
I’m givin’ you a little nudge
An impropriety there’s bound to be
When I’m outvoted two to one
You’re not convincin’ me to let this be
It’s over when I know I’ve won


Now I don’t mean to pry and I will try
To understand your reasonin’
If there’s a disconnect my intellect
Will polish off the evenin’
It’s written on your face you need some space
And I don’t think I’m gettin’ through
I figure it’s my place this line to trace
Your loyalties have gone askew


Safe Harbour

All my life you have been as a rock
In a sea ever tossed by stormy gales
And while grounded you float like a dock
More than once I have unfurled my sails
And although I am riding the sea
There are days when I look out to see
Where the light calls me home to the shore
And I sail as the seabirds soar

If I call you a lighthouse in the dark
You would no doubt remind me of the source
As a mirror reflecting the spark
Or a lens ever focusing the force
To the world you appear to shine
Whether they see your light as divine
While a tear rarely falls from your eye
Underneath the river ne’er runs dry

In this revelation of you I’m not alone
There are many who would call you when they’re down
There are others who would put you on a throne
And those who drop by when they’re in town
For my own part I’ve written you this song
I have given a voice to the throng
Though their faces and names fade away
May you carry their love today

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