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New Etsy store!

This is what I’ve been up to for the past three weeks: my brand new Etsy store!

The Tiny Treasures of Leia Fae

Mission:  To cross the streams of fandom and turn the chaos into art

Leia Fae (my artistic nom de plume) combines the influences of science fiction and fantasy to create jewellery and other crafts for sale online, at conventions and other geek events.  She’s been making jewellery for the past decade and sculpting miniatures in clay for a decade before that. She is one-half of the geek rock duo, Copy Red Leader, and a full-time musician. Many of her pieces are inspired by the songs they perform as a group, and other songs she writes.

The emphasis of The Tiny Treasures of Leia Fae is on originality. We’re working with themes that have been fully explored by artists of all kinds for generations, sometimes for millennia, but our expression strives toward the unique. With that in mind, pieces will not always become available once they’ve been sold. Items posted will normally be offered in the short-term, with variations in colour, accent, or material.

However, please feel free at any time to ask about custom orders, commissions, and our availability. Anything is possible! Let’s boldly go, or some such thing. Into the mists? Into the stars? Either way, we’ll meet you there.

We’ve posted the bead-centric jewellery to start, with the miniatures in clay due to be posted mid-April.  Keep your eyes open!  Updates to follow.

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