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OVFF Review

What a wonderful weekend at OVFF this year.  I have so much gratitude for so many that I’ll have to make a list and then another list.  I hope I haven’t missed anyone.

My thanks to Kathy Hamilton and the concom for asking me to give a concert and host a circle;
to everyone who attended the Star Trek theme filk and shared their songs with a giving heart;
to Peggi Warner-Lalonde for playing cat to my mouse;
to Mark Peters and the sound crew for handling with apparent ease a mega 10-piece band;
to Kathleen Sloan for sharing her space, stories and friendship;
to Judith & Dave Hayman for bringing me to and fro, always supporting me and our deepening bonds;
to Erica Neely for organizing the Pegasus concert and asking me to be a part of it;
to everyone who nominated and/or voted for me and put me on a very special list;
to Bill & Gretchen Roper for selling my albums and making sure they never ran out;
to Spencer Love for transporting my CDs from con to con;
to everyone who bought a CD making it possible for me to do what I do;
to Bill “Filkpiper” McGeachun for his patronage, care & Scotch;
to Elise Matthesen for her synaesthetic craftsmanship and generosity;
to Myra for bidding and all those who ran the Interfilk Auction;
to Three-Fifths for including me in their concert;
to Mary & Wesley Crowell for their generous inclusion;
to everyone who bought me a meal or a drink and helped to keep my costs down;
to the hotel staff whom I found delightful, entertaining and valuably helpful;
to all the musicians who shared their music over the weekend;
to all the people who listened;
to everyone who made contact, to share, to ask, to give… thank you.

And lastly to my band of beloved Steves:

I wish we’d had more time together but what we had was magical.  You all have my deepest and sincerest gratitude for learning my songs, finding your place in them, and something that made you love them.  More than that we connected creatively and personally and there’s nothing more meaningful.  I know we’ll get to do it again in some configuration or another.  My love to you all.

Amy McNally – violin
Betsy Tinney – cello
Bill Sutton – acoustic guitar, mandolin, flute
Brenda Sutton – bodhran, shakers
Cathy MacManamon – doumbek, shakers, triangle
Jason Neerenberg – bass
Jodi Krangle – vocals
Mary Crowell – vocals, clarinet
Scott aka “Steve” Snyder – electric guitar

Hope to see you all again at OVFF next year.  Until next time!

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