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Pop Mythology reviews The Redhead League

Pop Mythology‘s Daniel Jun Kim reviews The Redhead League (April 28, 2016)

“‘The Redhead League’ is an eclectic and exhilaratingly addictive concept album of songs about red-haired female comic book heroes. Leslie Hudson brings these characters alive with passion, angst and a depth that you might not have thought possible for some of them, and in this she is aided by an A-team roster of guest musicians who add their considerable talents to the mix.”

“No mere surface-level geek tributes are these. Hudson seeks to get under the skin of these characters, probe their fictitious souls and, through the raw power of her music, to make them flesh-and-blood, to honor them with real human angst. And the results are nothing short of spectacular.”

4.5/5 stars

Thanks Pop Mythology!

Daniel released this review on National Superhero Day!  Visit the website for news, articles, reviews and so much more of everything geeks love: movies, comics, books, TV, games, music.

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