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Presenting: The Wanderlings Volume One

With joy and a huge sigh of relief, I give you my new album:


I started writing the Wanderlings based on female characters in folklore and myth last winter, and this volume contains 13 of those story songs.  Primarily influenced by the winter season – literally, figuratively and geographically – this collection travels through the north of Europe, into northern Asia and northern Canada.  Let’s circumnavigate the globe via the northern hemisphere, my friends.

Available for $9.99 on Bandcamp today!  There are a limited number of album cover art download cards available from me in person for $10, but this is a digital release.  (I have a physical album – yes, a different album – coming in June, but that’s for another post.)

Thank you SO MUCH to Karl Stahl for all the artwork, graphic design and photography.  To Charlie Jacklin for mastering the album.  To everyone who has listened to me tweak these songs over the past year, who has encouraged me to continue producing and writing and striving.  I am in your debt, one and all.

From my soul to yours,

The wandering storyteller

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  1. Sincerest congratulations to you, Leslie, for this wonderful accomplishment. This looks like a wonderfully ambitious project and it’s amazing that you have yet another album coming out in June as well. I wish both projects every bit of success that they deserve.

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