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Psyche Tour

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My Psyche Tour begins Friday, March 22nd at The Raven’s Wing Magical Co in Portland OR.  One show only with special guests and tour mates, The PDX Broadsides and Betsy Tinney!

Joy | Allure | Trust | Sorrow | Inquiry | Justice | Sovereignty | Fury | Trauma | Empathy | Grace | Defiance | Passion

Leslie Hudson is what happens when Tori Amos and Loreena McKennitt swap set lists, and folktales become character studies of the female psyche.  A powerhouse vocalist with piano in tow, this endlessly touring musician is wending her way from the west coast home to ON playing songs that illustrate the Inner Circle of the mind, aspects to which we give voice.  With inspiration drawn from life, history, myth and pop culture, this award-winning songwriter cuts deep to the marrow of story and sings it to the surface.  Raw passion, arresting performance, music that matters.

With special guest appearances along the way by S.J. Tucker, James Mahaffey, Jen Midkiff and Brenda Sutton!

Psyche Tour Dates

FRI MAR 22 | 6-9 PM
Portland OR @Raven’s Wing Magical Co
w/ The PDX Broadsides & Betsy Tinney

FRI MAR 29 | 7-9 PM
Boise ID @Bella’s Grove

Layton UT @SpiritCon
$10/daily entrance to con

TUE APR 2 | 9:30-midnight
Denver CO @Mercury Cafe

SUN APR 7 | 12-2 PM
Aurora CO @Jo Butler’s
Online Concert & Midday Moot
Pay What You Can

SUN APR 14 | 7-9 PM
Albuquerque NM @Tortuga Gallery

FRI APR 19 | 7-9 PM
Lawton OK @Curious Goods

SAT APR 20 | 7-9 PM
Plano TX @Cafe Bohemia
w/ James Mahaffey

TUE APR 23 | 8-10 PM
Perry AR @The Pixie House
Online Concert w/ S. J. Tucker
Pay What You Can

SAT APR 27 | 8-10 PM
Noblesville IN @Logan St Sanctuary
w/ Jen Midkiff & Brenda Sutton

For details check the Facebook event pages!  Gig details to be posted on my site ASAP.

Tour schedule

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