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Rebirth turns 20


20 years ago I released Rebirth into the world (my first album) to a very limited number of its populace – we only printed 65 copies – but until today I have never made the album available online in its entirety.  I feel it is time.

These songs were written by a young woman who was disillusioned and disappointed by her church and her religion, angry and afraid at being abandoned by her faith, loving hard and losing, and trying not to trip over her feet as they stumbled forward into her unknown, unfiltered future.  Rebirth is a solo album in every way.

If you’ve become a fan of my music in recent years, here’s a peek back to where I started as a songwriter after leaving the sphere of Christian music behind.  I believed very strongly at the time that I had to start my music fresh, that I couldn’t bring any of what I’d written or developed with me from one world into the next.  It would be disrespectful.  A little drastic perhaps, but I was always a girl of superlatives and extremes.  All or nothing or bust.

If you remember me back then you’ll know how much I’ve changed in style, in heart, in experience, in expression.  But when I listened to this album again recently I could hear the threads that bind my 40-year-old current self to my 20-year-old former self and the path between us doesn’t feel so full of obstacles any more.

I hid her away for a long time in the dark, but today I welcome her back to the family.  Welcome home, Rebirth.  You were the first of us; we owe you a debt of existential gratitude.

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