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Started the day in the studio recording vocals for a new album of songs I wrote between 2009 and 2013 that I’ve never recorded/released.  One day a few months back they asked me, why?  A couple of them have made their way back into my performance repertoire and onto my tour set lists, the rest have remained hidden in lyric books.

So I’m releasing them in an album called “Brief Candle” in reference to the famous Macbeth soliloquy, which also lends its name to the title track “Out, Brief Candle” (I’ve put the whole soliloquy to music).



I drew four cards from The Awakening Soul deck — Cleanse, Compassion, Shadow, Change — and they sit above my eye-line where I can look up and read them right to left before singing every song.  Since this collection of songs focuses on loss and massive shift, life altering experiences and new paths, these themes are central and entirely appropriate.


We made it through 6 songs today: 6 more to go!  In between songs I took fire breaks to warm up and play with the puppy.  Feeling really good about the progress made today.  Back at it tomorrow.  Lots more to do.

Working with Bill Sutton at Bedlam House on this one.  It’s our first time working in the studio together and I’m loving it.  Gotta love a producer who uses Cubase, which is what I use, too.  Really excited to watch this project take shape.  We got plans, yes we do.

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