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Spring cleaning!

Thanks to Karl Stahl (longsuffering and perhaps too easily accessible webmaster) my website has been refreshed for spring.  I did try to get this done a few months ago, but so much has been going on it kept getting bumped by other more pressing tasks I gave him – like designing a CD jacket for Pirate Elves In Space, and creating a geek-band logo for Copy Red Leader.  (We’re still working on the t-shirts!)

And I know all the photos of me are still snowy, but we’ll update those soon, too.  Promise.  At least it’s on the list.

Speaking of Copy Red Leader, another change is coming to  My bandmate Devin Melanson and I write a lot of geek music, sometimes together, sometimes apart.  But we’re moving ALL of it to – our soon-to-be-launched new geek rock duo website! – so you can access all of our geek music, projects, news and upcoming gigs in one place.

A new addition coming very soon to is a video and photo section (and by ‘coming very soon,’ I mean the webmaster’s working on it as I type this).  There’s a wee collection of them now, thanks to Karl Stahl, Rob Birmingham, Sandra Boyer, and Simcha Gralla, who have captured some of my performances at the Moonshine Cafe in Oakville, at NoSnoJoCo in Port Elgin, and on JoCoCruiseCrazy3 in the Caribbean.  You keep taking them; I’ll keep posting them.

Lots of exciting gigs coming up soon, but I’ll save that for the next update!

Life can be a blur when it’s so full of fleeting moments.  Finding the stillness in the chaos is always worth the effort.  Breathe it in then let it go.  I used to say “Remember this,” to myself when I was a little girl.  I would go down deep and etch it in and keep it.  And I still remember.  It’s an old practice I should reinstate.  I suppose my only concern is that I’ll run out of storage because the memorable moments are coming hard and fast and furious these days.

Thanks for making them with me.

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