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Summing up FAWM 2016

This was the most successful and rewarding FAWM I’ve ever had, and I’ve been participating since 2010.  The month of February has become a highlight month in my year because I get to challenge myself to write, collaborate and produce better and better material with an entire community on board for the ride.

This year I began with a song about accessing inspiration and a stream-of-consciousness piece on the piano.  Then I completed my Trek songs for that album (5), and wrote all the songs for the Redhead album (10).  Next I called in my collaborators to add their magic to redefine the songs with full-band backing tracks and we finished those, too!

Salmon Run – how I see the process of creation
Pillow – how I feel when fall asleep at peace

Yeoman on the Bridge
For A While – written from the perspective of the symbiont, Dax, to its Trill host, Jadzia
Captain’s Mess – the vices of all the Trek series’ captains from Kirk to Archer
Acquisition – Ferengi blues
DMZ – a tribute to the Maqui in 5/4
Kirks & Khans – demonstrating my love (albeit unequal) for all eras and incarnations of TOS/reboot casts

The Redhead League
Unmasked – for Mary Jane Watson     original | w/@ericdistad
Femme Fatale – for Black Widow     original | w/@carlos
Welcome To Eden – for Poison Ivy     original | w/@valeriecox
Feel It All – for Jean Grey     original | w/@dragondreams
I Have A Name – for Red Sonja     original  |  w/@sapient
Troublemaker – for Teela     original  |  w/@zecoop
In the Underground – for April O/Neil     original  |  w/@toms
Black Belt – for Scarlett     original  |  w/@raygungirls
Entanglement – for Medusa     original  |  w/@chasingandromeda
Secrets Liars & Spies – the 9     original
Redheads – theme song     w/@kristian

Now the Redhead collaborators are fine-tuning mixes, I’m re-recording all the vocals, and production is afoot!  But this is where they started, folks.  You ain’t heard nothin’ yet!

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