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Honestly, I’m too tired to type all the things I thought today.  I’ll simply share a couple of them.

I drove southwest to Danville IN and my dear friends, Bill & Brenda Sutton.  The coming week will be full of studio work and there is much to do.  Right now however I am very, very tired and am already in bed.

My drive was free and clear, and although I was “randomly selected” at the border for an interview about my travels, it was short and I was on my way soon after.

I am sharing with you some of the photos I took of the sunset as I drove into Danville tonight because it was spectacular.  Whatever happened or didn’t happen before it didn’t matter.  What a glorious way to end a long driving day.

Moments like this are why I’m in awe of the natural world.  Moments like this are serendipitous and spontaneous and magical.  I kept saying, WHAT AM I SEEING RIGHT NOW?!  Now you can see it, too.

My gratitude to those of you who continue to contribute to my GoFundMe Keep Rua Running.  Nearly one third ($470) raised in 2 days.  Thank you so much!

Sweetest of dreams to all.






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