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SWxNW Travelog 1

Sharing my travels with you often means updating daily (when I’m travelling daily) and I realized last night after writing them that my Daily Thoughts will easily turn into a travelog if I don’t separate them.  So I’ll write a separate travelog with the details of my trip and keep my daily thoughts random, which is what they are intended to be.

I’m heading Southwest then Northwest so I’m calling this trip SWxNW.

StateSpotting: JAN 04/19
Ontario — Michigan — Ohio — Indiana


Drove out of the snow first into muddy wet road spray in SW ON then into balmy dry sunny 10 degree C weather in MI, OH and IN.  I try to drive as much as possible in the daylight.  I prefer daytime driving.  I can see everything!

Funniest sign of the day was AMERICAN FREEDOM ENERGY.  Yes, America.  More Freedom Energy!


Lots of highways on this leg of the journey (first leg of nine), but an easy empty road for most of it.  (Don’t maybe drive into Indianapolis at rush hour: pro tip.)

Arrived safely and smack into this beauty of a sunset.  (For more photos see my previous post.)


Stocked up on travel foods and went out for Mexican with Bill & Brenda.


With margaritas!


Quickly claimed by lap cat because I am allergic to him.  Boomer is well aware of this.


Fell over asleep because it’s been a long couple of days.  Lots of studio work to do this weekend so rest needed.  First day on the road was a good day.

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