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The Redhead League has arrived!

Introducing The Redhead League : Red Sonja, Medusa, Teela, Jean Grey, Mary Jane Watson, Scarlett, Poison Ivy, April O’Neil & Black Widow.

9 smoky, smoldering, kickass redheads with a propensity for getting what they want and doing it their way. Sometimes that means by show of force, sometimes it takes a gentler touch.

We don’t do it for the money
We don’t do it for the fame
We don’t fight for common goals
‘Cause we don’t have to be the same
You may be surprised to find
Where we choose to make a mark
It’s a burden and a blessing
To carry the cosmic spark

(Secrets Liars & Spies)

Heaps of thanks to give to so many people who made this project possible!

The Players..
Leslie Hudson – Track 1: vocals; Track 2-11: music, lyrics, piano, vocals
Kristian Børresen – Track 1: music, synths, drum loops, production; Track 8: production
John Cooperider – Track 2 & 6: drums, bass, guitar, production; Track 7: drums, percussion, production; Track 11: bass, production
Chris Miroslaw – Track 2 & 11: guitar
Valerie Cox – Track 3: guitars, bass, drum programming
Tom Spademan – Track 3: production; Track 4: guitars, bass, drum programming, production
Peter Watkinson – Track 5: guitars, bass, drum programming, production
Eric Distad – Track 7: bass, guitar
Paul Hudson – Track 8: guitars, bass, drum programming
Carlos Parra – Track 9: synths, drum loops, production; Track 10: production

01. Redheads (Theme Song)
02. Black Belt (Scarlett)
03. Welcome To Eden (Poison Ivy)
04. Underground (April O’Neil)
05. I Have A Name (Red Sonja)
06. Troublemaker (Teela)
07. Unmasked (Mary Jane Watson)
08. Feel It All (Jean Grey)
09. Femme Fatale (Black Widow)
10. Entanglement (Medusa)
11. Secrets Liars & Spies (The 9)

Mastering: Charlie Jacklin
@ Kerr Village Productions
Design: Karl Stahl
Cover sketch: Carlos Parra
Consultant: Andrew Young

Ongoing support..
The FAWM community – where this project found its voice
Geek Hard – who made me feel like part of the team and promotes my music
Pop Mythology – who promotes my music
Disc Runner – who prints my albums
FilKONtario & the filk community – who keep me going
The Moonshine Cafe community – who keeps listening

Everything I’ve got has gone into this project.  Thank you, all of you, who listen and love it.  Share it far and wide!  Help me reach a broader audience than I can on my own.  Redheads, comics readers, music lovers, geeks, podcasts, nerd sites, collectors, convention organizers, anyone you think might love a quirky-themed album of great music by fabulous people.  Spread the word!  The Redheads are in residence.

Redhead_Front-Cover Redhead_CD_Label

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