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The Witch of November Tour

  • Mon Oct 15 | 2 PM EDT | Online Concert | Stratford ON
  • Fri-Sun Oct 19-21 | Ohio Valley Filk Festival | Columbus OH
  • Wed Oct 24 | 7 PM EDT | UUCC | Danville IN | w/ Bill & Brenda Sutton, Jen Midkiff
  • Sat Oct 27 | 7 PM CT | Curious Goods | Lawton OK
  • Tue Oct 30 | 7 PM MT | Living Earth | Denver CO
  • Thu Nov 1 | 7 PM MT | The Hidden Sage | Sunset UT
  • Sat Nov 3 | 5 PM PT | The Raven’s Wing Magical Co | Portland OR | workshop
  • Sat Nov 3 | 7 PM PT | The Raven’s Wing Magical Co | Portland OR | concert
  • Sat Nov 17 | 7 PM PT | House Concert | Seattle WA | w/ Sunnie Larsen & Betsy Tinney
  • Wed Nov 21 | 5 PM PT | Online Concert | Redmond WA | w/ Betsy Tinney
  • Sat Dec 1 | 7:30 PM CT | House Concert | Minneapolis MN | w/ Eric Distad
  • Wed Dec 5 | 7 PM CT | House Concert | Chicago IL | w/ Cathy McManamon


Leslie Hudson is winding her way west and home again on a tour inspired by the winds that blow across the Great Lakes at this time of year, called the witches of November. It being Samhain, the point in the year when we draw closer together against the cold, give thanks for what we have, take stock of what we’ve experienced, prepare for the fallow season, and reach with reverence through the parting Veil, the songs on her autumn tour will echo these themes of shifting, changes and Mystery.

Leslie is an advocate of sacred storytelling, a bard, a storysinger. She shares women’s stories born out of a raw and intimate exploration of folklore, mythology, family history, pop culture and personal experience. Touring with her piano across the country, this copperhead mistress of magic and song strips bare the female archetypes we love, we hate, we fear, we long to be, and invites you to converse with what lies beneath your favourite characters and the women you think you know.

Drawing on myth, folklore, spiritual and cultural traditions, and a lifetime of personal growth, Leslie’s songs paint a synaesthetic spectrum of divinities and denizens, mortals and mysteries, the queens and querents who tell Her Stories.

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