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Wanderling no. 11

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Wanderling no. 11 – “Abandon This”

Fand, a faerie queen of the Otherworld, fell in love with the Ulster hero, CuChulainn, and he with her.  CuChulainn’s wife, Emer, who never had cause to be jealous of her husband’s lovers before, interrupted their tryst and asked her husband to return to her.  When CuChulainn turned back to Emer, grief-stricken Fand withdrew beyond his ability to perceive her and CuChulainn was driven mad with longing.  The druids gave CuChulainn a draught of forgetfulness, and Manannán (Fand’s husband) shook his cloak between the lovers to keep them apart forevermore.

Story’s country of origin – Ireland

Based on the myth “The Only Jealousy of Emer” as translated by Jeffrey Gantz, Early Irish Myths and Sagas (London: Penguin Books, 1981), pp 155-178; and the Dover republication Celtic Myths and Legends (NY: Dover Pub. Ltd., 1990) of the translation by T.W. Rolleston, Myths & Legends of the Celtic Race (London: G.L. Harrap & Co., 1911), pp 226-228.

I fell in love with an ideal
But I believed with all my heart that it was real
And when we met he felt the same
There in the light of love, true lovers we became

Our other lives melted away
We had no care but for ourselves from day to day
We were consumed by our desire
Of our embrace we promised never we would tire

Until the moment she reminded you
Who you had first been promised to

Farewell, my love
You have turned your back
Without you, love
I am painted black
My greatest loss
I am torn from bliss
You’ve chosen, love
Abandon this

I will embrace oblivion
The only place where you and I can be undone
And when the veil between us falls
We will be deaf to one another’s calls

I could only say, “It will always be this way”
I could only hope against inevitable slope
I could only live with giving all I had to give
I could only show the love I wanted you to know

A line that’s permanent divides us now
Yet life goes on, some way, somehow


Be happy, love
As you forget me
We may be broken, love
But we are free

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