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Wanderling no. 5

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Wanderling no.5: “The Last Thing I’ll Beg Thee”

A dissatisfied woman asks for riches, glory and power as payment for her husband’s good deed. The enchanted flounder whose life was spared grants her wishes until she asks for too much, and as payment for her greed is returned to the impoverished life with which she began.

Story’s country of origin – Germany

Based on the tale “The Fisherman and His Wife,” by the Brothers Grimm.

Flounder, o flounder deep in the sea
Come and listen now to me
I have a wife with an iron will
And this is the last thing I’ll beg thee

They lived in a hovel right next to the sea
The fisherman and his wife
He was out on the water when down went his line
And the fish that came up said it wasn’t his time
“Oh please, won’t you spare me my life?”

The man he took pity and threw back his meal
And then he came home to his wife
He told her his story, not one to complain
“Go ask it to grant you a wish for your pains
“Husband, I want a new life!”


“This cottage is nice, but could we have more?”
Wondered the fisherman’s wife
“I’d quite like a castle with crystal and cakes
“Go back to the sea, say you made a mistake
“I want a luxurious life!”


“I want to be king and rule over this land
“To be much more than your wife
“Oh, I could be Emperor! Make me the Pope!
“It’s more than I’d dreamed but it’s less than I hoped
“Remember he owes you his life!”

The sea went from shining to violet and grey
The waves rose like mountains and blackened the bay
Fearing reprisals before and behind
The fisherman cowered in body and mind

“What does she want now?” the angry fish cried
“Your greedy, implacable wife?”
“To be Lord of the Universe, rule moon and sun”
“Enough!” said the fish, “It will all be undone!
“Go back to your miserable life!”

Flounder, o flounder deep in the sea
Come and listen, pity me
I have a wife with an iron will
But this is the last thing I’ll beg thee
Yes, this is the last thing I’ll beg thee

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