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Wanderling no. 7

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Wanderling no.7: “The Cloud Princess”

The daughter of an overbearing father escapes him to pursue her own destiny. Her kindness bestowed on a bullied storm cloud enlists his help in fending off their mutual antagonists, although the toll it takes on the princess almost destroys her.

Story’s culture of origin – Canada

Based on the modern fairytale “The Cloud Princess” by Anne Montrose, The Winter Flower and Other Fairy Stories (Toronto: Macmillan Co. of Canada, 1964), pp. 57-66.

Part 1
The Prince of the Kingdom by the Distant Sea
Was looking for a queen
A lady whose kindness would brighten the land
So flocks of the high-born came off’ring their hands
Causing a frightful scene

The princesses dazzled and shone in the sun
As gathering they came
Their troubadours trumpeted, made such a din
Shouting and singing and elbowing in
The Prince recoiled with shame:

“No, none of these will do, for sweet
“Was never clothed in such conceit
“Find me a woman as soft as a cloud
“Ever so gentle and never so proud”

Part 2
Far, far away lived the Mountain King
Possessing an only child
The Cloud Princess wandered the alpine slopes
Lonely and longing with limited hope
Tender, fair and mild

She heard the decree carried in on the breeze
Her destiny was clear
Her father forbade it and locked the front door
She crept out the side and went looking for more
Swallowing her fear

“Stars that twinkle overhead
“Keep my secret as I tread
“Quickly down the mountain path
“Save me from my father’s wrath”

Part 3
The Four Mad Winds who guarded her keep
Chased her as she ran
“Go back, little prisoner, you can’t escape!”
All screaming and whipping her royal white cape
When a mist befuddled their plan

Concealed from the winds in the mist was a man
Tattered, grey and old
“I’m Storm Cloud,” he told her all streaming with rain
The kind princess saw he was lonely and pained
Shivering with the cold

“Take my cloak of wool and silk
“Warm and quilted, white as milk
“Silver lining now you bear
“Take it with you everywhere”

Part 4
“I’m off to the Kingdom by the Distant Sea
“Do you know the way?”
“Of course,” said the storm cloud and lifted her high
The Mad Winds pursued them across the sky
Until they reached the bay

They battled with thunder and lightning and ice
But Storm Cloud won the day
Gently he laid the poor Cloud Princess down
Her story was spread all over the town
Hear the people say:

“This is the girl who gave up her cloak
“Battered and torn she nearly broke
“Kinder than all the bride-to-be’s”
Happily their Prince agreed
On bended knee
“Marry me”

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