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Winding down

Thinking back over this past year I began to make a list of all the musicians I’ve played alongside, on the same bill with, collaborated and performed with, and it’s extensive.  As we’re coming to the end of the year, which for me concludes at the Winter Solstice on December 21st, I’m taking this opportunity to share the list with all of you and to say thanks once again to:

Adam Hill, Alexander Quail, Amanda Miller-Brum, Amy McNally, Bill Craig, Bob King, Bob Reed, Carlos Parra, Chantelle Okel, Charlie Gregoire, Clan Hannigan, Cliff Simon, Courtney Lynn, The Dandies, Danielle Donville, Dave Falco, Dave Toms, Debs & Errol, Deborah Linden, Devin Melanson, Doug Pettigrew, Élyse Simpson, Eric Distad, Garry Pomeroy, Genevieve Gorman, Hana Bajric, James McKay, Jay William, Jim Hardy, John Argentiero, John Cottle, John Crossman, John Marlatt, Justin Farragher, Kari Maaren, Karl Stahl, Kristian Børresen, Lee Vickery, Lorne Allan, Marc Pettigrew, Marty Rouleau, Mike Langevin, Nancy Rost, Nerds With Guitars, Paul Hudson, Peggi Warner-Lalonde, Peter Watkinson, Phil Kane, Phil Mills, Rob Birmingham, Ron Baumber, Sarah Krause, Sarah Rice, Sean Pinchin, Sinderella, Sonny Del Rio, Stone Dragons, Valerie Cox, Vanja Andrin, The Weber Brothers …

Plus a host of others including filkers, FAWMers, con members, open mic performers, geek bands, multiple-bill singer-songwriters, comedians, dancers, poets, geek cruisers, sound engineers, roadies, photographers, videographers, designers, event organizers, venue hosts, and fans!

2013 saw the birth of Copy Red Leader – the geek rock duo of mine and Devin Melanson’s – in March, beginning at the Merril Collection Filk Concert on March 23rd and culminating in our 20-song, multi-genre Princess Bride rock musical at the Bovine on December 18th.

This year also saw the reorientation and renaming of Sinderella, the acoustic project of mine and Deborah Linden’s, our highlight being our performance on October 17th at the Moonshine Cafe with the helpful collaboration of loads of guest musicians and friends.

The start of 2014 will have a different flavour:

– I won’t be performing publicly in any capacity during January.

– I’ll be writing, since there are a couple of commissions I’ve had to put off, and songs half-written, and projects delayed.

– I’ll be recording the CRL “Iocane Power” CD with Devin.

– I may pop in to Howl Studios with Dave Falco to record a demo or two.

– I’ll be aiming to form a collective (or collectives) of musicians to perform original music on a regular basis.

– I’m working on a new music website (separate from CRL or to be launched early in the new year.  Details to follow!

These are my immediate goals, and as you can see, enough to be getting on with without performing being added into the mix.  Time to shift my focus for a while.  I feel a little spent.

Can’t wait to see what 2014 has in store!  I’ll meet you on the other side, folks.

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